About BatchStamper


BatchStamper is an easy-to-use tool that can batch add text and date/time on multiple digital photos.

BatchStamper can read the original date/time when the photos were taken from the embedded EXIF data. It can add the date/time on dozens of pics very fast and in one operation. Also it offers extensive options for setting the timestamp: the font, color and even the text's transparency can be adjusted, also the date format as well as placement of the stamp are fully customizable.

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Key Features

  • Batch process
  • Define your own text template and date/time format
  • Support multi-line text
  • Real-time preview
  • Stamp appearance is fully customizable (position, size, font, color, etc.)
  • Reads image date and time from EXIF data automaticly
  • Relative font-size and text position
  • Support shadow and transpancy effects
  • Reduce image size for printing or sharing